Jaefields Summer of Cool: Introducing the Brae S/S T-shirt

Jaefields Summer of Cool: Introducing the Brae S/S T-shirt

The Summer of Cool, Season 3, drop 2 is now upon us and with it comes the Brae Premium S/S Tee.

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If you were a fan of the Burnside Premium Tee, you will love the Brae Premium Tee. This shirt was made for summer and is perfect for pairing with shorts and can easily be layered over a tank top (we suggest a lightweight Jaefields tank top) for those long summer days. If you are familiar with the Burnside, the Brae fits the torso the same but has a few structural changes to make it unique. The straight bottom edge with a less aggressive length give it a more summery vibe and a tighter neckline resembles a classic plain tee.

The Brae is made of a polyester-rayon-spandex jersey fabric which gives it a soft, athletic heather t-shirt feel and is extremely breathable.  While this fiber combination won’t trap the heat of the summer, the fabric still has thick, high quality feel to it. The fact that it is a jersey fabric gives it the ability to stretch comfortably.

Right now, the Brae Premium is available in Black, White, Mocha and Olive colors. The neutrals will be available year round and may be coming out in gray soon.

All Jaefields clothing is Made in Portland, down to the very last stitch; the quality is impeccable and you will never be disappointed. Make the Brae go-to casual tee for the summer because it will keep you looking and feeling cool as the temperature stays high.

The Brae Premium S/S Tee is sold at By The Collective, and online Jaefields.com.

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